For several years, we have been cooperating with a research department of ENAC (École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, Toulouse), one of the most prestigious aviation universities in the world.

This gives us access to the world's most comprehensive collection of aviation-related statistics:

  • Details on passengers, cargo and aircraft movements at airports since the 1950ies
  • Monthly and annual airport statistics
  • Break-down of airport passengers by destination
  • City pairs (traffic flows between two airports)
  • Airport, country and region pairs (traffic flows between two specific airports, countries or regions)
  • Capacity and details of routes:
    What airline flies how often and using what kind of equipment between two airports?
    What passenger capacities are offered on this route ?
  • Financial facts and figures as well as traffic statistics of airlines
  • We can provide raw data in spreadsheets or complete analysis and calculations 

Contrary to statistics you can find elsewhere (e.g. from airline and airport associations that only cover their members) our data is caracterised by their exceptional completeness.

To give you an example, we offer passenger traffic data for 

  • 60 airports in Iran
  • 160 in China
  • 50 in the Philippines

More than 2500 airports covered !

Yearly airport statistics are included in the Albatross System.

All other data available on individual request!