You regularly use the Albatross System for

  • Data export ?
  • Specific calculations?
  • Calculations that include combinations with your own data?

Make your work easier with individually implemented features!

Seamlessly intergrated into the Albatross System, you will get your won menu and functions, that are available only to you. Tailor-made to your needs.

Your advantage:

  • Time and effort for the implementation of the feature needs only to be invested once
  • Your calculations and lists created by a simple mouse click - and always up to date by using the current database records
  • You do not need any longer to export Albatross data and then combine it with your data in spreadsheet tools.

Analyses based on Albatross data

  • Ready-to-use lists according to your requirements
  • Combination of different data categories
  • Data interface for regular data export and use in third-party applications


Parameter-based Analyses and Simulations

  • Implementation of calculation algorithms. For example if you want to estimate the number of necessary equipment per airport.
  • Input of alogithm parameters.


Integration of Client-provided data

  • You can save your own data, e.g. what airport is a customer opr what kind of equipment he purchased from you.
  • Analyses can combine automatically your data and the Albatross dataset.

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