The history of our company goes back to the early 1990ies when we started to offer consulting services to the airport industry under the name of our partner "Momberger Airport Information".

In 1997, we founded our own, independant company "".

We provide all kind of airport-related information and consulting for marketing and research:

  • airport data
  • details of all companies active in the airport sector
  • traffic statistics

Our services include a web database, newsletter and personalised studies.

An important key to our success is the long-term relationship that we keep with our clients.

Our company regularly exhibits at the InterAirport show in Munich.

Clients: Everyone in the airports business:

  • airports
  • airlines
  • equipment manufacturers
  • architects, engineers
  • finance and strategy consultants

Cooperation with ENAC

Since 2006, we have been cooperating with the well known Aviation University ENAC École Nationale d'Aviation Civile in Toulouse.

This allows us to offer the most comprehensive aviation statistics that are available worldwide !



Natalie Momberger holds a degree in geography and tourism from the University of Trier/Germany. After having worked at the airports of Salzburg/Austria, Paris Orly and Tampa/Florida, she has spent several years researching information on airports and companies involved in the airport business and as a journalist for different trade magazines.

She is a member of the Luftfahrtpresseclub, the German Aviation Writers Association.

For over 20 years, she has been responsible for

  • data research
  • keeping up-to-date the Albatross Database
  • writing the Newsletter


Jens Korth holds a masters degree in business administration from the University of Trier/Germany. Already during high-school times, he founded his first business and sold computer systems and developed individual software solutions.
He started his career in the airport information business with writing articles for "airport forum" and several other industry magazines.

Today, he is responsable for

  • software development for the Albatross Database
  • data analysis
  • individual studies
  • consulting